Padgett provides you with a customized accounting service that gives you what  you need, when you need it!  We take care of the paperwork so you can be free to concentrate on what's important - your business.  Our service provides:

 Business Advice
Financial Statements You Can Understand
Bank Account and Credit Card Reconciliations
Tax Filings
Industry Comparisons and Benchmarking
Document Pick-Up & Delivery
Tax Planning

Business Advice
We provide you with consulting and advice for whatever your business needs - every month.  If you are concerned about expansion, equipment purchases, employee issues, or any other problem, we are here to help.  Many business owners think they are isolated and have nowhere to go for help running their business.  We are your closest business advisor.

Financial Statements
We process all of your transactions and put them in a format you can read.  Our reporting is geared for the owner - not the accountant!  Your income statement shows how your business is performing.  We show you areas that might need review, and what your tax liability is.  We tell you where you are doing well - and what you can improve.  If there is a problem, or something needs to be checked, we will let you know.

Account Reconciliations
We review all of your bank and credit card transactions to protect your interests, and make sure each one is accounted for properly.  We identify problems with the bank like unexpected charges, missing checks, deposits, or excess fees.  You will be comfortable that your account balances are accurate, and that someone is keeping an eye on them.

Tax Filings
We tell you what you need to pay for all kinds of taxes - sales, use, payroll withholdings, excise, or any other type.  We will file the taxes for you and prevent you from receiving penalties.  Guaranteed. 

Industry Comparisons
Our exclusive Padgett Reality Check allows us to compare your financial statements against others in your industry.  This lets us review your results in relation to your peers and competitors, and can be invaluable in determining areas of improvement  -and where you are succeeding.  This is one of the valuable features that a nationwide firm can bring to your business.

Document Pickup and Delivery
We take the hassle out of dealing with the tons paperwork you receive.  We come to your business, organize it, tell you what's important, and give it back you neatly.

Tax Planning
We review your potential tax liabilities each month to keep you in compliance with state and federal law.  We help you make choices that maximize your tax benefits and run your business properly.  Should you buy equipment?  Hire another employee?  Make an investment?  We can help you make an informed decision.