Tax Problems? We can help you sleep at night!

Are you getting threatening notices from the IRS or State?  Do you owe money and don't know how to get out?  Is it stressing you out and costing you money?

At Padgett, we can help you deal with it.  We can help you clean up your tax issues and get you moving forward with your life.  You may want to ignore or avoid these problems, but you need to deal with it - Today.   If you owe money to the government, you have big problem. Your tax problems will not just go away.  Penalties and interest are compounding daily.  Let us help!

Do You Have Any of These Problems:

Tax notices from the IRS or the State? 
We can help you figure out what they mean and come up with a plan to get them resolved.  You might need to file an Offer in Compromise to reduce your tax liability.

Didn't file Your Tax Returns?
If you didn't file tax returns in prior years, we can help.  We take your information, create an accurate return, and get them filed.  We get this done quickly so you don't have to keep getting harassed.  We get you compliant with the IRS and State.

Audit Notices?
Are you being audited?  We can get you prepared for the audit and prevent any unfair findings.  This can be a stressful event - but we can help.  We can review the return, find where there are any red flags, and help you explain them - before you meet the auditor.
Back taxes owed? 
We can help work through the problems and come up with an affordable payment plan.  The faster you move on your liability, the cheaper it is for you.  The penalties and interest aren't going away!

Liens or Levy Notices? 
You need to react - but you need advice first.  We will analyze the basis for the lien or levy.  If a Lien is placed on your home, we can help you determine what to do.  If you receive a Levy notice, we can give you a strategy to help you keep your property. We will communicate with the IRS and  stop the seizure and get the time you need to resolve the issue. 

Wage Garnishments? 
We can help keep your paycheck in your pocket. We can help find a solution to every problem.